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What to Keep In Mind When Hiring Escort Service

You could think of hiring an escort service when traveling in and around London. If you do, your overall experience in dealing with escorts can help you avoid the common pitfalls a stranger would experience.

Here are five things you need to keep in mind when hiring escort services in London:

1. Hiring from an escort agency

The main advantage of hiring an escort from an agency is that the agency would’ve screened her properly before you get to go out with her. Agencies place a high price on the quality of their escorts, so you’re likely to land an escort who meets your needs. The major setback, however, is the rigidity of the services, I.e. the escorts won’t be as flexible in service delivery as you would wish. 

2. Independent escorts 

Independent escorts operate on their own instead of working under an agency. They are more flexible with service delivery because they are not tied down by agency rules. The problem is, you could land anyone since there is no agency to guarantee quality. 

3. Is the escort above legal?

This can be a huge problem when dealing with independent escorts because the authorities don’t have a mechanism of regulating how an independent escort should operate. This way, anybody below 18 years can easily pass as a mature escort quite easily. Be sure to verify the age of your independent escort before engaging in sexual activities.

4. Read reviews and more reviews

Just as you would do when buying any service, you should conduct your research on the internet about an escort agency or the independent escort (if s/he has them at all) to verify their legitimacy and if their services are quality or drab. 

5. The escort decides payment mode, not you

One of the unwritten rules in the escort industry is that the escort chooses the payment mode. This is a precaution to keep her out of harm’s way. Be aware.