4 Reasons Why Some Men Pay Escorts for Sex

Some people view sex as nothing more than just a physical need aimed at having fun or getting relief from building sexual tension. Others, however, feel that sex is more of a physical and emotional need, especially in the context of a consensual relationship.

For men, there are endless ways to try and get laid, and paying an escort is one of them. Of course, quite a number of reasons motivate men to pay for sex, and these reasons vary from one person to another. The following are the four main reasons that drive some men in London to paying for sex:

1. Losing one’s virginity

For some men, their first sexual encounter is one where they pay an escort to help them lose their virginity. Such men, typically in their late teenage years or early twenties, feel as though they are rather old to be virgins and that pushes them to do whatever they can to rid themselves of the title.

Men who pay to lose their virginity may do so basically because they are shy and nervous whenever they approach women in real life. As such, they resort to paying for sex because they feel that such an experience presents them with an opportunity to overcome their challenges while still being able to lose their virginity.

2. Evade the pressure of having to be sexually skilled

To avoid the pressure of having to be the ones to provide sexual pleasure, some men who feel like they are not sexually skilled resort to hiring escorts for sex. These men know that by paying an escort, they do not have to worry about being sexually inexperienced, as would be the case with a woman they were dating or simply hooking up with.

Besides, they also view the experience as one that would present the opportunity to learn new sexual skills that they can use later.

3. Avoiding rejection

Another common reason why some men pay for sex is to avoid the fear of rejection from a woman they like and whom they would wish to get intimate with. That is in consideration that there are various reasons that can lead to rejection either before or after sex.

To avoid such a situation, a man would opt to pay for sex to avoid the possibility of being rejected. With an escort, the chances of getting rejected are next to nothing. Besides, paid sex allows for a discussion that leads to a mutual understanding of what will and will not follow after sex.

4. Combat sexual difficulties

Any man who has some sexual difficulties that result in issues such as not being able to maintain an erection will often feel more comfortable with an escort.

That’s in consideration that they can request the escort to do specific things that will help their erections last longer, for a more fulfilling experience. With a partner, such situations are often embarrassing and can lead to harsh judgment, hence the motivation to hire an escort.

In summary,

If you were wondering what reasons push some men to pay escorts to have sex with them, the ones discussed in this article should help you understand better. As you can expect, there are other reasons as well, since every man has varying preferences and needs.

The bottom line, however, is that sex is not always a physical need for those who pay to have it: it can also have some emotional needs attached to it.