Client's reviews

Reviewer Sally and Mace ( 20th- March -2013)
Details:This was our first time to Bulgaria and I wanted to do something special for my wife's birthday. I saw many good reviews for Sonya and Mike and decided to surprise my wife, Sally, with something different. Well, it was different ... and sensual ... and stimulating ... and amazing! I have nothing but good things to say about this couple and the services they provide. We can't wait to go back to Bulgaria!! :)

Reviewer Richard from London ( 20-Aug-2012)
Details: Sonya and Mike are the most perfect couple to spend some time with in Sofia. Easy and comfortable and welcoming but oh so sexy! Sonya has the most amazing body and knows how to use it and Mike is handsome as she is beautiful. Highly recommended.

Reviewer The Banker ( 18-Aug-2012)
Details:The Return of the Banker
I have not been getting to Sofia to see Sonya and Mike as often as i would like, so i decided to invite them to stay with me on a trip to Berlin.An evening with them is not something to be rushed, so we usually spend a couple of hours together over dinner and drinks, and then go for some private time in the hotel. This time as they were coming just to see me, we agreed they would stay overnight-and in the end we were together for 15 hours . This allowed time for fun before dinner, fun after dinner, and fun for breakfast. I think we all agreed, that if we attempt such a sexual marathon again, we should sleep more and drink less, but it was still great-Sonya is the most beautiful and delicious filling for a sandwich you could ever hope to taste . Looking forward to the next time .

Reviewer hotel visit (21-Oct-2011)
Details: I called at 6pm and we met at 9pm and what a night it was! Both both Sonia and Mikke are not only great people but oh so sexy! I can only confirm what has been said on this side before and would not think twice to combine my next visit to Sofia with another encounter with these two! bis bald!

Reviewer Swedeman (03-Apr-2010)
Details: Hi I have met Sonya and Mike 3 times Together whith them you can fulfill all your sexfantasies and they are very nice as persons aswell.

Reviewer Rod (27-Mar-2010)
Details: I have been with Sonya and Mike as a 3some and as a 4some with several of their lady friends. What a fantastic couple! They, and their girl-friends are truly great - a fabulous experience and I hope to be with them again soon. Sonja is a very versatile lady, and a real lady, and Mikki is forever the perfect gentleman - a great combination

Reviewer Diplomat (14-Mar-2010)
Details: I had my first meeting with Sonia and Mike at the beginning of 2007. I had just arrived in Sofia to work for a European government. Since this first meeting, we had a wonderful time together and became true friends. We organized parties were we had not only threesomes, but also foursomes and even "sixsomes", real "partouzes" as the French call it. Thanks to Sonia and Mike I met also charming other girls and even men which became also friends, and I had a lot of fun with them. I enjoy inviting this persons for a dinner which "degenerates" then in a high level sex party, of course in the respect of all. I recommend warmly Sonia and Mike to all persons or couples looking for really good and convivial sex in Sofia - they are the only ones who can fulfill their wishes.

Reviewer The Banker (27-Nov-2009)
Details: I visited Sonya and Mike in November 2009 and had a wonderful time and would highly recommend them depending on what you are looking for. If you want to maximise your own personal pleasure to a strict time schedule then book an hour with an escort or go to a massage parlour. However if you are willing to give as well as receive you will get to join a genuine and loving couple for the best sex of your life. I paid for three hours of their time and joined them for dinner before going to my room, in the end spent 6 hours with them, had the most adventurous sex ever, enjoyed some of loudest moans of pleasure I ever heard from Sonja and enjoyed a very special climax with the two of them. I can't wait to get back to Sofia